Why I created Pebble Nutrition

I am Kathryn Picking an experienced nutritionist who started out by helping my son and my own complex health issues.

I did this by implementing small, simple steps, gradually improving our health one step at a time by balancing nutrients.

After successfully improving our health, I’ve used this same effective approach as a nutritionist to help hundreds of clients and families. 

Supplements you can trust

In many cases, the supplements that I wanted to use for clients, just weren’t available, so I set out to develop my own products. 

Many of my clients are sensitive or have many layers of complicated symptoms.

They often don’t tolerate complicated multivitamins or products with added unnecessary ingredients. 

I wanted to create products that are as simple and pure as possible, this is what Pebble is about, small simple steps that bring powerful changes.

Independent and family-owned

Pebble is an independent family-owned company in East Anglia, founded by myself and supported by my husband (and son!). As we’re a small family company we put our nutrients, customers and environment first.

We only launch products we believe in, we won’t be developing large ranges of supplements, just because they’re popular.

We use high quality independent UK manufacturers and all packaging is environmentally friendly.

We prioritise our customers and will always listen to you.

How Pebble Nutrition is different

Balancing minerals is our first approach

Focus on the most common deficiencies

Pure & Simple – high quality & absorbable forms

A carefully selected product range – we’re not mass marketing

Low & slow – no false promises or quick fixes

As used by us – supplements we use ourselves

Customer care – we put our customers first

About me

I completed a degree focusing on Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Surrey. I also have a Diploma in Nutrition.

I struggled with many aspects of my own health twenty years ago including brain fog, extreme gut issues and fatigue. I sought the advice of so many top professionals, but still didn’t feel good. My son was born with many of the same issues I was experiencing and I was determined to help him.

Only once I started gently using minerals did we start both improving.

We’re both feeling great now and according to my son’s school he is “flying”.


I now run Routes to Nutrition, a thriving nutritional practice specialising in family health, from pre-conception, children’s health to ladies entering the menopause.

Some of the symptoms include fatigue, inflammation, emotional and digestive issues. I also work with many clients who have Autism, ADHD, tics, OCD, PANS, PANDAS or other neuropsychiatric conditions.

See more about Routes to Nutrition.