Small changes make a big difference

The purest formulations of minerals
created by a nutritionist AND MOTHER

What we’re about

Pebble Nutrition is a supplement brand started honestly and passionately by a nutritionist and mother who has helped hundreds of clients and her own family.

Pebble Nutrition focuses on a ‘pure and simple’ and ‘back to basics’ approach to create a strong foundation of health.


Made in the UK

Key nutrients you may be missing

Small batches made with care

Low and slow

We embrace small, steady progress instead of the ‘quick fixes’ that so many natural health brands promote.

Pure, simple and easily absorbed

We place strong emphasis on providing the purest and most highly absorbed forms of nutrients.

Balance minerals first

We specialise in maintaining a balance of minerals which is critical for a strong foundation of health.

What customers say about our products

    Magnesium & Himalayan Salt Body Butter (Sweet Orange & Lavender)
    5 Star Review

    Really like this product, it smells gorgeous and rubs in really well unlike other magnesium creams/sprays I have tried, and it doesn't stay sticky on the skin either. I tend to have sensitive skin but haven't had had any issues with this cream.

    thumbKim Jarred
    11 October 2023
    Simply Magnesium SENSITIVE
    5 Star Review

    My daughter is diagnosed with PANDAS, the last 3 years have been tough! Within 3 weeks of starting your plan we saw an improvement of symptoms which have continued to get better. Her sleep, levels of anxiety, general health and overall mood have stabilised massively. She's been able to reengage with learning and has even joined the Army Cadets! Thank you so much for your knowledge and input.

    thumbJoanne F
    4 July 2023
    Magnesium & Himalayan Salt Body Butter (Sweet Orange & Lavender)
    5 Star Review

    Absolutely beautiful smelling product, that I use on my little boy & myself before bedtime - would highly recommend 💗

    thumbJ Baxter
    16 October 2023
    Magnesium & Himalayan Salt Body Butter (Unscented)
    5 Star Review

    This is a beautiful product. The cream is so rich and smooth and it soaks in really quickly. Some body butters I have used in the past tend to sit gloopily on the skin but this really doesn't - it also isn't sticky at all. I am using it on my daughter as she struggles to take magnesium orally and she is definitely falling asleep more quickly. It is reassuring to know how pure and natural this product is too.

    thumbClaire C
    29 September 2023
    Simply Magnesium
    5 Star Review

    My son definitely has more energy, he isn’t falling asleep as soon as gets home, he’s also more settled and less erratic (since taking Simply Magnesium).

    thumbSharon Brady
    9 September 2023
    Simply Magnesium
    5 Star Review

    My daughter been using Simply Magnesium since it launched a couple of months ago and she is doing brilliantly on it. We recently upped the dose to two caps a day and she is calmer and less anxious. As a bonus it mixes brilliantly into juice as she can’t take capsules yet. I’m still finishing off an old batch but look forward to switching to this one very soon too.

    thumbAndrea F
    27 April 2023

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