The purest formulations of minerals
created by a nutritionist AND MOTHER

Pebble Nutrition is a supplement brand started honestly and passionately by a nutritionist and mother who has helped hundreds of clients and her own family.

Pebble Nutrition focuses on a ‘pure and simple’ and ‘back to basics’ approach to create a strong foundation of health.


Made in the UK

Key nutrients you may be missing

Small batches made with care

Low and slow

We embrace small, steady progress instead of the ‘quick fixes’ that so many natural health brands promote.

Pure, simple and easily absorbed

We place strong emphasis on providing the purest and most highly absorbed forms of nutrients.

Balance minerals first

We specialise in maintaining a balance of minerals which is critical for a strong foundation of health.

What customers say about our products

    Kids Simply Magnesium Liposomal
    4 Star Review

    I bought this one as my son is quite picky with sweet tastes, but he likes vanilla icecream and that’s what this tastes like! It’s definitely helped him sleep better alongside taking b6 and with being a bit calmer. It’s since gone up in price and out of stock hence the 4 stars otherwise would have been 5. 🙂

    10 July 2024
    Kids Simply Magnesium Liposomal
    5 Star Review

    Fantastic product 2 kids now sleep brilliant 10/10

    13 June 2024
    Magnesium & Himalayan Salt Body Butter (Sweet Orange & Lavender)
    5 Star Review

    I suffer from chronic body pain and restless leg symptoms. This body butter really helps to reduce my symptoms. I also use it on my children before bedtime to help them relax.

    thumbUrszula Nowak
    5 June 2024

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